Sergei Shushunov Baby Colic Treatment Pediacalm

Dr. Sergei Shushunov MD natural baby colic remedy

Sergei Shushunov MD natural baby colic remedy

You have your baby at home. Tired,  busy with nursing, endless diaper changes, but happy. You know things should better better very soon. Instead, something happens. Your baby who used to eat, sleep and cry occasionally when uncomfortable begins to cry seemingly non-stop. Your hope for good night sleep becomes shattered. You are exhausted and desperate. You take your baby to a pediatrician who tells you that the baby has acid reflux and prescribes anti acid medication. It does not help and you don’t know what else to do.

Your baby most likely has Colic, also called  Infant Colic, Infantile Colic, Baby Colic, Colic in infants, Newborn Colic, Colic in babies. The name does not matter. What matters is that  colic is one of the most studied, yet least understood and hardest to treat conditions of infancy. Nobody really knows what causes colic. There are many theories, including immaturity of gastrointestinal tract, abnormal secretion of melatonin or even early manifestation of migraine and many more. Prescription medication that works is too dangerous for the babies. For this reason, knowing that within a few months your baby will outgrow colic, many doctors prefer to do nothing and wait.  Fortunately, there is a way to treat colic effectively with exciting, clinically proven effective and most important safe herbal remedy called  PediaCalm. PediaCalm, created by Lev Laboratories Ltd. is the only patented fennel based remedy on the market today —  natural home treatment for infant colic, developed by Sergei Shushunov, MD who is a board certified pediatrician trained in alternative medicine and pharmacognosy  specifically to relieve colicky baby symptoms, and to stop excessive crying, to calm and ease your baby colic and pain,  to give you and all other new mothers sleep and rest  they deserved.

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Developed by Dr. Sergei Shushunov, Board certified pediatrician.