Sergei Shushunov MD Baby Colic Treatment

Sergei Shushunov Pediacalm baby colic remedy

Sergei Shushunov Pediacalm baby colic remedy

Your baby is finally home. You are tired,  busy with nursing and endless diaper changes but happy. You hope things should get easier soon. Instead, something happens two or three weeks later. Your sweet baby who used to eat, sleep and cry occasionally when uncomfortable begins to cry seemingly non-stop. Your hope for good night sleep is shattered. You are worried sick, exhausted, and desperate.

Your baby most likely has Colic, also called  Infant Colic, Infantile Colic, Baby Colic, Colic in infants, Newborn Colic, Colic in babies. The name does not matter. What matters is that  colic is one of the most studied, yet least understood and hardest to treat conditions of infancy. In fact, many doctors prefer to do nothing and wait for a baby to outgrow colic.  

Fortunately, there is a way to treat colic effectively with a new, exciting, patented and clinically proven herbal formulation called PediaCalm. PediaCalm, created by Sergei Shushunov, MD at Lev Laboratories Ltd. is the only patented  fennel based remedy on the market today — natural home cure for infant colic — developed specifically to relieve colicky baby symptoms, stop excessive crying, calm and ease colic pain and discomfort and give  all mothers sleep and rest  they deserve.

Developed by Dr. Sergei Shushunov, Board certified pediatrician.